Posted by Clark Kolterman on Dec 12, 2018
The St. John Lutheran School's Chamber Choir was the featured program at the recent Christmas luncheons at the Seward Rotary Club and the GFWC Seward Women's Club on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at noon.  The Rotary concert was held in the basement of the Jones Bank and  Trust Company in Seward in their auditorium.  The GFWC Seward Woman's Club Christmas meeting was held a the Seward Civic Center.
The choir demonstrated their warm up procedures and the various ranges of the student singers.  The choir then presented a  wide selection of Christmas music for both service groups.  The choir is under the direction of Paul Soulek, Minister of Music at St. John Lutheran School and Church in Seward.  Christmas carols and group singing  concluded the program.
The choir is in the process of preparing for their winter concert, and the annual Children's Christmas service at St. John Lutheran School and Church, as well as other presentations and worship services.  
This is only one of the many choirs at St. John Lutheran school, and the Chamber Choir concert has become a tradition for Christmas season with both service clubs.