Posted by Clark Kolterman on Sep 05, 2018

The Seward Rotary Club welcomed the new Seward High School International Students from Germany and Italy.  The students are Silvie Opolka from Hanover, Germany and Matilde Ferrari from Milan, Italy. The girls were introduced to the membership of Rotary by SHS Vice-Principal and Rotary member Jill Johnson and welcomed to Seward by Rotarian Clark Kolterman.  The students are both living with the Steve and Beth Hass family in Seward and will be here through the school year.

Silvie Opolka from Hanover, Germany is 16 years old and involved in the local SHS 

cross country program. Matilde Ferrari from Milan, Italy is 17 years old and participating in the SHS volleyball program. The girls are also both involved in regular class schedules at SHS as well.

The Seward Rotary Club welcomed the high school students, and presented them with some Rotary Club mementos as well as American flags, special Seward and Nebraska pins, some Seward popcorn and information on Seward and Seward Rotary.

Both of the students volunteered to return in May and report on their year in Seward, and give a presentation on their home and the impact of their program experience in Seward.