Posted by Clark Kolterman on Sep 19, 2018
Anna Lorenz, RN and Specialty Clinic Supervisor for Memorial Health Care Systems of Seward was the featured speaker at the recent Seward Rotary Club meeting on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at noon at the Jones National Bank and Trust Company Auditorium.  She shared a power point presentation featuring the Seward Memorial Health Care Specialty Clinic and Outpatient Services offered to the greater Seward area.  She was introduced by Seward Memorial Health Care Foundation Coordinator Jane Rehmer.
She opened with the new featured Cancer Care Center at MHS and pointed out that the three most prevalent cancers in our area are Breast cancer, Lymphoma and Colon/ Rectal cancer.  MHS is now administering chemotherapy on with certain regimes.  She point out that the MHS is affiliated with SENHOC cancer centers in Lincoln, who has two offices in Lincoln and 12 outreach centers as well.  
She presented the many current offerings to assist individuals with their cancer treatments. SMHC does not have all of the treatments at this time, but will continue to increase their scope as requested.   
Lorenz shared information of the very popular Seward Memorial Health Care Systems Specialty Clinic, offering 19 specialties at the present time in Seward during a given month.  She discussed the various offerings of the clinic and shared the list of participating doctors in the Seward program.
She pointed out that the MHSC Physicians Clinic services are not limited to Seward doctors and individuals can utilize the close to home services by simply having their physician send the orders to MHSPC.
She also reminded the members that at the heart of Memorial Health Care Systems are ten physicians who specialize in Family Practice.  Supporting them in individual care are the other specialists at the Seward Memorial Health Care Systems Specialty Clinic.