School District Administrator and local Rotarian, Matt Dominy presented the program at the Seward Rotary Club meeting on March 7, 2018 at the Jones National Bank and Trust auditorium at noon.  A luncheon, business meeting and fellowship preceded the meeting’s program featuring representatives from the Lincoln Junior Achievement program.  The School District of Seward is considering the Junior Achievement program to possibly be placed in the curriculum of the Seward Elementary K-4.

Executive Director, Alison Gottsch-Walton of Lincoln spoke on the program. There are three divisions, K-1, 2-5, and 6-12, working with volunteers in each classroom with the teacher.  In Lincoln, there are 200 engaged businesses in the program, working with 1,000 teachers and 900 community volunteers, presenting a program at no cost to the classes or school district.  

The goal is financial literacy, workforce readiness and entrepreneurship—last year serving 29,000 students in the Lincoln area!

She presented sample games of finance for third grade level students and asked the local Rotarians to attempt to play the games.  The membership split into groups of three or four and played the game of finance-third grade level.

Dominy said that the School District of Seward’s involvement will depend on the volunteer base that steps up to coordinate classroom educational programs.  People interested in the program should contact him at his office at the School District of Seward.  

Questions and answers followed the program.