Seward Rotary Club welcomed Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, who spoke to the Club during his tour of Seward on Wednesday, August 11
Seward Rotary Club welcomed Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (NE-1) to Seward on Wednesday, August 11 at its noon luncheon at the Jones Bank Auditorium.  Rep. Fortenberry was was introduced by Rotarian Zane Francescato, who formerly worked for Rep. Fortenberry. 
In front of a audience of nearly 40, Rep. Fortenberry stressed his admiration for the fine people of the Seward area and said he always enjoys returning to a place where people are grounded and have a strong work ethic.  He represents a strong, diverse state and noted Nebraska is the home to both the US Strategic Command and Offutt Air Force Base, three Native American reservations, and enjoys a strong agriculture based economy with communities of every size and culture.
He saluted Concordia University and noted that he appreciates the fact that for over 100 years it has stayed true to its mission as a Christian university providing a liberal arts education.  He commented on Concordia's success and growth in recent years.
He shared many of the 1st Congressional District’s successes.  “We have some of the best agricultural production in the nation and world right here in our District.  And of course some of the best people, with the strongest of work ethic.”
He discussed his recent trip to Haiti as part of the congressional delegation to the funeral for the recently assassinated Haitian president. He noted that there was no authority “in charge” and pointed out the risks in going, which led to only the US and Canada having delegations in attendance.  He shared that during the Funeral Mass shots rang out and the congressional delegation was ushered to their car and put on a plane home.  Rep. Fortenberry observed numerous protests and saw a real need for a system of order to protect and enforce the rule of law and preserve proper order while also treating people with dignity, respect and humanly.  "That is not happening at the moment in Haiti." 
He saluted the US Border Patrol and thanked them for their service to protect and guard the nation, noting that he had just returned from a trip to the US-Mexico border. He is very disappointed in what is happening at the border and the lack of a strong border control in his view.
Rep. Fortenberry touched on the principle of “Authority” and that we too often take authority for granted and that all authority must be based on truth. He proposed that the Congress take a lesson from the Rotary International “Four Way Test” and smiled saying “I doubt if Congress could make it through one of the four tests.” The “Four Way Test” is the guiding principle for Rotary International and asks “Is it the TRUTH?  Is it FAIR to all concerned?  Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?   Will it be BENIFICIAL to all concerned?”  "These solid principles should be a reflection of our US Congress and it is not at this time,” Rep. Fortenberry noted.  “It is interesting that some of my greatest adversaries on the floor of the House are some of my very best friends in Washington.  We do work hard but it is very slow process.” 
“We must look for ways to maintain a common understanding and trust that we are missing today,” he stated. 
Rep. Fortenberry was thanked for his presentation and presented several local gifts by the Club, including a Ted Kooser book, popcorn, and a six pack of the “limited edition” of the new “Fourth” canned beer from Bottle Rocket Brewery.