The Club received an update on the Concordia Nebraska wrestling program from the coaching staff and two team members at its August 31 meeting
The featured program at the Club meeting on August 31, 2022 was the Concordia University Wrestling Program, with Head Coach Chase Clasen, a Chadron State graduate and former All American Wrestler NCAA Division II.  He was assisted in the presentation by Tyree Cox, Assistant Wrestling Coach, formerly of Lancaster, California and senior Jose Sanchez of Dallas, Texas and freshman Charlie Hudson of Fort Worth, Texas.  The speakers were introduced by Rotarian Brady Johnson, who was a former Wrestler at Chadron State in his "day!”
Clasen commented on the work to change and develop the team’s culture and to pursue excellence in all the team does.  His mottos for the team are to have "no flaws" and “Strive to be the Best!”  He noted that the wrestlers meet for two hours every morning to train from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM and have a study hall from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.  He feels the two pillars of his program are “Excellence in Academics and Performance” and a “Positive Attitude.”  He attempts to have a quote of the day and works hard to motivate and instill a strong work ethic in his team-sharing lessons that the team can build on every day.
Assistant Coach Cox commented that the program begins with the right frame of mind or perception and that hard work is creating a transformation in the team already.  He noted they have four home duals and that there are 36 members of the Concordia wrestling team.  This is Cox's fourth year with Concordia's wrestling program. 
Freshman wrestler Hudson spoke about the program.  He enjoys the “Daily Lessons” and is working hard to achieve the new “CU Sense of Discipline.”  He noted that if you “Look Good-You Feel Good” and complimented Concordia on the good looking and “on target” athletic facilities and top notch equipment.  He has no complaints and excited for this season.  He is looking forward to a harsh winter and lots of snow.  Hudson is a business major with an emphasis in sales.
Senior Sanchez transferred to Concordia three years ago with a goal this year to be an All American Wrestler.  He is a Business Administration major with an emphasis in Marketing and Management.  He noted that he has found his “home” at Concordia and is working to build on the team’s “Culture” and striving for the “Excellence” the coach addressed.  He stressed that he was taught to never give up and shared the analogy of “getting on the bus with the right teammates, the right coaches and the right program” and he feels he is there!  He shared that he is a “First Generation Family” and is proud to be the first to attend and graduate from college in his family. 
Questions from the Rotarian followed and Coach Clasen thanked the Club for the opportunity to present at their meeting.  He invited Rotarians and their families to support the Concordia wrestlers at one of their home duals this year.