Blue Valley Community Action is moving from its long-time home on the square to The Rock Lutheran Church as it continues to serve Seward County residents
These are exciting times for the Seward area Blue Valley Community Action (BVCA) according to Ryan Bailey, Family Community Services Director of the BVCA Program.  She is located at the BVCA Fairbury office and presented at the Seward Rotary Club meeting on Wednesday, August 18th at their weekly luncheon meeting, speaking on the updates on the local BVCA programs and location changes.
She was introduced by Program Chair Zane Francescato.  He introduced both Ms. Bailey and Rev. Mike Meyer pastor of The Rock Lutheran Church and a Seward Rotarian.  Pastor Meyer spoke on the history of the project, dating back five years, when The Rock created a plan for the building.  They had hoped that an organization, such as Blue Valley Community Action, would partner with them and “saved” the “garden level” of the building for those groups and their offerings.  He noted that in the last three years he had worked closely with St. John Lutheran Church and Pastor Scott Bruick and his staff to consider just what should be in the facility.  Currently, The Rock uses the top two levels of the old Seward Middle School Building.  The goal of The Rock for this project is to “fill in where needed-and help break the cycle of poverty.” He noted that “God is the mover and working to coordinate and make this partnership happen!” 
Ryan Bailey complimented and thanked the Seward Community and stressed that Seward is a very caring community-so willing to help and so very generous with their resources.  She noted the entire change with the Seward BVCA in the area has been most pleasant and has been a great, positive working relationship.  She appreciated the “Faith Based Alignment/Partnership” with The Rock.  BVCA is a private, non-profit organization with the goal to eliminate poverty and homelessness.  She pointed out that there are homeless people everywhere-even in Seward, as they live in their cars or camp out and they need help.
“Everyone deserves a home/house and I feel it is a ‘basic right’ and pointed out that it is very hard to think about anything else, when you don’t know where you are sleeping the next night,” stated Ms. Bailey.  “No one should be hungry or not have a place to call home.”
She reviewed the programs of BVCA in Seward.  They will have a new, larger Thrift Store and a new and improved Food Pantry in the new facility.  She spoke on the partnership with Walmart and their “Feeding America Program,” and the Commodities Supplemental Program for people over 60.  They are excited to expand the WIC program for women and children and sponsors the local “Head Start” program-noting that it will not be in the new location but remain at their present location. 
BVCA hopes that they are not a “band aid” service, working to help clients eliminate the poverty cycle.  It was noted that most of their clients are employed, however they are still at the poverty level of income.  They hope the construction and renovation will be completed in two week and they can make the move to the new location from the existing downtown site. 
Bailey reviewed the BVCA history, starting in 1963-64 and has expanded and really serves nine area counties with programs in 24 counties.  The group is governed by a local board with a cross section of professionals and clients.  The local Seward BVCA opened in 1966 and continues to serve and expand their services.  She commented briefly on the BVCA program to serve the homeless veterans and noted that they recently had funds generated to assist any US Military Veterans.  They have developed a model program to serve the homeless veterans and she is very happy with the success of that effort.
Questions and answers followed. For more information, contact Ryan Bailey at the BVCA office in Fairbury or visit the BVCA offices in Seward.